I’m still obsessed with Firefly/Serenity. Sorry – but I am.

This review is one of the best ones I’ve read. It was written by a distinguished Sci-fi writer. Check it out. It brings back so many memories. I hope to have an experience like seeing that movie for the first time again some day.

I love this bit:

“I can enjoy the first Matrix and see it as a kind of magic sci-fi, but recognize that in the end, it’s all about the mystical quasi-religious ideas and the special effects, and not about human beings at all.

Because for me, a great film — sci-fi or otherwise — comes down to relationships and moral decisions. How people are with each other, how they build communities, what they sacrifice for the sake of others, what they mean when they think of a decision as right vs. wrong.”

Until now, Stephen Colbert’s amazing and ingenious use of the net and the growing participant culture to promote his show has been a beautiful thing to watch. But it was never beyond my imagination. If I were in his place I’d be doing the same thing.

But I just watched the intro to the Colbert Report episode 08.21.2006 and his intro took it over the edge for me. By itself maybe it was just another funny/clever comment, but when added to the sum total of Wikipedia jokes, Green screen antics and his other ‘buzz’ generating stunts, you get a very beautiful picture.

His intro comment was “Could being a Neilson family kill you? Watch the entire show to find out”.

Genius. Subtle, relevant, clever and could even have a direct affect on his rating for the night.

I love that guy so much – in a straight, non-sexual way of course.

He is climbing fast to join my other masters:

  • Joss Whedon
  • Ronald D. Moore
  • Jon Stewart
  • And all the people leading the charge with Current.TV (including Al Gore)

J.J. Abrams might be on the list soon, depending on what he does with Star Trek – but right now he is a little too disconnected for my taste.

I think Colbert, however, should be the new member of the ‘Oh my god, you’re changing traditional media by being a legend’ club.

In Episode 08.23.2006 he even goes on to talk about the fragmentation of media experiences due to the explosion of choices going so far as to bring a band on that uses YouTube as its primary promotion vehicle. I think he understands the principal of ‘Audiences of One‘ better than most traditional media personalities.

I am very excited. Lost starts again in October and the poster looks great. Strange that Michael and Walt are not in it – I guess they really have left the island. I can’t wait to see what J.J does with Star Trek. See the poster here.

Also Prison Break just started. The first ep was a bit ordinary though. Although interesting that they killed that character (won’t spoil it for you) and also I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the Vice President’s brother is now a different actor. It used to be Phlox from Enterprise (John Billingsly or whatever) and now it is someone else. Weird!

New photos

August 19, 2006

Just posted a few more photos on my flickr gallery.

Too busy to feed

August 17, 2006

Lately I have been so busy with Touchstone (in meetings etc) that I have not had a chance to read my RSS feeds or even think long enough to have something to post either here or on the Touchstone blog.

I know posting about not posting is a big ‘no-no’ but it really does open up questions about how long all these bloggers can keep blogging when the novelty wears off and everyone gets busy with their real jobs.

That being said, however, the meetings have been fairly fruitful. Now there are 4

Also – on the drive home from work yesterday one of the hosts of the drive-time comedy show was begging for an assistant who could help filter the useless trivia so his brain had more room for stuff he really cared about. Sounds like he needs Touchstone 🙂

Spidey Sense

August 14, 2006

In my most recent post on the Touchstone blog I write about ‘Making the right choices’. I thought that here I might write a little more about my personal experience with choices – particularly as they relate to people (and my choice to trust them or work with them).

In one of our recent discussions I mentioned to someone that I have no ‘spidey sense’. What is spidey sense? Well for those of you who know the comics, or the cartoons or the blockbuster Spiderman films will know – spidey sense is the ability to sense danger coming. Or more broadly, in context of the real world, sense the good people and the bad people or circumstances intuitively.

All of my decision making comes from a place of intellect – not gut feelings. I read, I watch and I listen to others around me and I try to detect the patters and intellectual processes that go into good outcomes. And then I try to apply those lessons intellectually to the decisions I have to make.

Most recently though, I have had to make decisions that are outside of the scope of my previous experience and based on my gut feeling about things.

In these circumstances, the people around me (my partners and friends) make claim to having ‘a good feeling about this’ and a ‘bad feeling about that’ while I sit totally unaware of any gut feelings at all.

I have found that if I can’t make an intellectual decision about something, then I am working in the dark. And in these cases the intellectual debate is often impossible. There are equal for and against arguments each way. In the end we need to do a gut check and my gut has very poor communication skills.

So perhaps this is something I can learn over the next 12 months. Or maybe it’s something you are born with and I will just have to rely on some trusted friends and partners to fill in the gaps.

Rocking out with McKenna

August 14, 2006

Hey all – wanted to share an interesting experience that I had recently.

As you know blogging is a fairly new phenomena in the world today and Blogging in Australia is not really taken too seriously by too many people. But it seems that this trend is starting to change.

Even local companies and PR firms are starting to focus on local bloggers as a way of getting the word out there for their brand, product and service.

As a result, I was recently invited to a re-launch party for a brand of Bourbon called McKenna. Turns out XXXX bought them recently and they are spending a lot of cash promoting it locally for the next few months.

Nick and I ended up going to the party and it was very impressive. Live graffiti art, body painting, ice sculpting, very pretty girls handing out free McKenna and live DJs (including Paul Mac).

Nick ended up knowing quite a few of the party goers so we ended up having some interesting chats with media personalities and the organizers of the event itself.

Great time was had by all and you know the most interesting part? The Bourbon is actually quite good. Actually it is very good. I started drinking it in pre-mix bottles with Coke (or some type of Cola anyway) and ended up having it straight and in both cases it was very successful in getting me drunk while having a great taste – exactly what you want from a bourbon.

You can see some photos here. Thanks to Paul from Zealot who invited me and the McKenna people for hosting the event and tapping some bloggers to attend.

They also have a site at http://www.mckennabourbon.com/

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August 1, 2006

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