I think a trend is forming

September 29, 2006

Is there a relationship between the availability and price of oil and freedom?

Me against the world

September 26, 2006

Just came across this great post on the Kiva Blog. I know the feeling of both isolation, connectedness and lack of sleep!

 To quote:

“Entrepreneurialism can be incredibly isolating. On my worst days, it is me against the world. It’s Matt versus the naysayers. It’s Kiva versus the competitors. It’s me against anyone who doesn’t see the world as I see it. It’s the biggest trap.”

“Your challenge as an Entrepreneur comes in tapping into that which is transcendent, that which is infinite about a particular enterprise you might be undertaking. At the end of a day, at the end of a particular lifetime, what can you take with you?”

One of the reasons I felt that consulting/custom solutions was no longer for me was because I felt like I spent most of my time convincing or training customers about and on stuff that I already knew. It was not fun and did not let me move forward with my big ideas.

I just found a similar sentiment on ‘We Break Stuff

HD-DVD+Blu-Ray Hybrid

September 21, 2006

This cracks me up

I think both formats suck. DVDs and anything resembling a DVD is a hoax played by the studios so that people can ‘own their own video store’. What’s the point? The number of times you would watch the DVDs cannot justify the cost. And if everyone has a video store what’s the point? Whatever format you choose to embrace and collect will be obsolete in a few years anyway.

But all those reasons against owning your own DVD style collection pale in comparison to the fact that all this content should be streamed from the net anyway – we should all have access to all content all the time. Anything short of that is a joke on consumers.

I stumbled across an interesting article today – thought I would share.

“Quigo is not the household name that these other two search giants are. But the privately held company, which competes with Google (Charts) and Yahoo (Charts) in a key part of the online advertising business, is quietly becoming a bigger player.”

Oh really?

“Quigo is benefiting from a perception of independence. There is general angst about the power that Google and Yahoo have and Quigo is able to sell against that. They have quietly replaced Google and Yahoo in a lot of newspapers for that reason,” Sterling said.

So does that mean that size and weight can actually work against them in areas of perceived conflict of interest with publishers when it comes to advertising?

I’ve seen a growing tide of ‘Is Google Evil?’ type sentiment over the last year or so this is not exactly new. However this is the first business justification I have seen for old media to actually avoid ‘feeding the beast’, as it were, in favor of more independent ad networks operated by companies who are not ‘competing for your business’.

Read the whole article on CNN Money.

Simple but beautiful

September 11, 2006

This is a simple but beautiful little site. And Back to the future is on the home page – so that just makes it great.

Best Stuff in the World!

Via FewAgainstMany

Update: I just read their blog and found out they’re fellow Australians – great stuff!

This is a fascinating talk about the way liberals and conservatives think. More broadly it’s an interesting discussion about how perceptions and points of view as ‘frameworks’ can change the way people make decisions and establish their idea of morality and decision making.

George Lakoff on Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think