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Seesmic Vs. TV

December 24, 2007

Watching the Le Web Panel on “TV Rebirth”, I was struck by the tendency to compare seesmic and other video sharing platforms with TV.

I think that comparing Seesmic (in particular) with TV is like comparing the phone with radio. They are totally different things that happen to just use the same media (video and audio respectively).

Also I am not sure why Current.TV does not get the recognition it deserves. I really believe that they need to join the conversation more aggressively. They deserve far more attention that they get. I’d say they should offer me a job, but chances are they are not even watching for references to their brand.

Also, well done to Robert Scoble who once again identified Attention and filtering as the next great frontier. As he knows better than most, the quantity of content around these days simply does not scale for most people. Content discovery and filtering (based on APML probably) will be huge in the coming years.

Announcing Spouse 2.0 Day!

December 5, 2007

My best friend and business partner Ashley Angell has invented a new holiday in honour of all the neglected people out there who love Web 2.0 Start-up Founders.

Ashley says “I love my wife, but she gets no attention from me because I am too busy building Attention technologies – so I thought we should dedicate a day to her, and everyone like her”

Brilliant idea Ash! Check it out at¬†and join in the fun by tagging your photos and posts ‘Spouse 2.0’.

Oh and I designed the site.