DataPortability -> The Web File System

December 30, 2007

This is the latest of my ideas…

Made possible by DataPortability

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3 Responses to “DataPortability -> The Web File System”

  1. Dean Landolt Says:

    Perfect, but isn’t it a little site-centric? Shouldn’t a “Web FS” be _object_ centric? Should it matter if a video resides on youtube or any of the countless other video sites? Sure, youtube could be but one filter, but really, in this world, who cares about the service? Does it matter if your tags are housed at a datacenter somewhere, or in your on home-rolled app, as long as they “quack-like-a-duck” and expose themselves as tags, right?

  2. Anton Bar Says:

    Looks great, but from browsing through the documentation on DataPortability, I couldn’t find any code or even spec that stands behind this mock-up. Is there anything?

    RE: Dean Landolt comment – I do not think it should be _object_ oriented because I may be connected to data of several users that may use several service providers. There must be some sort of hierarchy to keep the data organized.

  3. […] almost a year ago in January 2009 and going even further back, Chris Saad two years ago used the Web File System as a visualisation of his vision for what we are advocating at the DataPortability […]

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