Do you have a resume?

January 1, 2008

Happy new year to everyone!

Random thoughts for 1.1.08.

I got asked for my resume the other day and it occurred to me that I’ve never actually ever made one for myself. People usually just know who I am or come to me through word-of-mouth. More recently, I figured my LinkedIn profile provided plenty of resume style information for anyone who was interested.

So my question is, do you have a resume? What are your thoughts on resumes in a Media 2.0 world? Are our digital footprints and LinkedIn profile pages enough information for Resume 2.0?

I also deal with some of these questions in my book outline.

Here’s another post on the subject also.

5 Responses to “Do you have a resume?”

  1. Like it or not, it’s still needed by many HR departments.

  2. chrissaad Says:

    True David, I wonder though how long it will take for HR departments to catch up?

    Also some firms allow the given department to do their own recruitment – and people in IT are becoming increasingly savvy with social media tools.

    Also – I wonder why LinkedIn has not taken the opportunity to create a feature to allow resume export to PDF?

    Would be a pretty cool feature – I wonder if someone couldn’t write a screen-scraper to do it.

  3. Iain Says:

    Yes, it’s possible to go without a “traditional” résumé… provided one never plans to be hired by a “traditional” boss.

    That is, a boss who hasn’t caught the 2.0 hype yet. Moreover, many employers still filter on résumé and cover letter first; without that in a paper format one makes their job easy (wherein their job becomes filtering candidates out, rather than in).

    Likewise, no résumé means no governmental or large business employment… which could be considered a good thing by many. Although this also rules out large research institutions such as CSIRO, which could be a not-so-good thing depending on the job.

    Recruiters too generally believe in having them… and usually in an annoying, editable format such as MS Word: I prefer to hand people my life story in a read-only format, particularly since some unscrupulous recruiters see a need to “sex up” employment histories.

    So yes, it depends on what kind of work one pursues: for 99% of people pursuing 99% of jobs out there, something that looks like a résumé is still the way to do things, even where the initial “discovery” of a potential candidate was made via LinkedIn, LinkMe, a weblog, or any other networking tools. This may change with time, although I do suspect that large business and government employers will, as always, be among the last to catch up (if ever they do).

  4. Jason Ryan Says:

    Iain makes some good points. Basically, any professional person would be smart to tailor their pitch to the specific job: if it is a government department, then present a standard resume (mine, for example, is in HTML and no-one has had a problem with that – or noticed, it would seem…).
    For another job, it may be appropriate (or even expected) to send them a link to your blog/LinkeIn profile etc.
    I postedsome thoughts on this for public servants a while back.

  5. John Carson Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I do have a resume, but it is online at my blog and website, so I just direct people there who may be interested in hiring me. LinkedIn is prominently shown too.

    But I also agree with Iain, the job search progress is changing. I tried that by contacting my local TV station and newspaper (I am a journalist and know how to pitch) and got some great free PR. I also tweaked my blog into number one on Google.

    Just type john carson blog into Google and you can see my story.

    Good luck out there in Resume Land!


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