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The conference that stated it all is back in town next week. Regardless of what you think of the term, it’s the place to be to see all your favorite people in one place. Let me know if you are going to be there – will be great to catch up with some people!

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Sounds like there might also be a DataPortability meetup happening at the same time too!

As you may have heard on Techcrunch today, Michael Arrington, Heather Harde and the TechCrunch team are donating USD$6,625 to the DataPortability project.

I’d like to add a public thanks to them for this kind gesture in help us to host and encourage the data portability discussion and the eventual DataPortability set of Best Practices.

Since the announcement we have some additional offers of sponsorship for the project and I will be getting back to you all as soon as I can.

We will be setting up a legal entity and a council to decide how the money is used. As usual we will be keeping everything as transparent as possible and making sure the community has maximum input.

David Recordon has a very clever observation over on the O’Reilly blog about the Google App Engine potentially marginalizing both OpenSocial and Facebook Platform.

I think he might be right. Long term, the goal of most App developers should not be to develop gadgets in containers, but rather to build first class applications on the ultimate platform of all, the Web.

With tools like Amazon Web-Services and Google App Engine reducing infrastructure and scale costs even further, an emerging data interoperability layer via DataPortability and an increasing desire to add social functionality to most apps and services, the future looks bright.

I look forward to the day when I can use my best-of-breed applications (such as Flickr for photos – and now video!, Twitter for status updates, Ma.gnolia for Bookmarks and Google Docs for document collaboration) all backed by my personal, universal address book. My personal social network.

Combine everyone’s address book together and you get what you get is what Tim Berners-Lee calls the Giant Global Graph.

The opportunity for Myspace, Facebook and other large social networks? Continue to provide a simple user experience for the mainstream in the mean time, and evolve quickly into an Identity Provider and social hub of the future.

I am speaking at the NextWeb Conference today in Amsterdam.

Live stream here

Are you in the crowd – come say hi! Or leave comments below.

I will post the slide deck and any other materials on this post after the session.