8 Responses to “DataPortability Logo Vote now Open!”

  1. Jolie O'Dell Says:

    Voted for 2 of ’em. Lookin good!

  2. Sorry man, but I like the existing one. You should at least add it to the possibilities.

  3. Wow.. ok, in that case understood. Nice bit of irony there, Microsoft joining DP and RedHat sending cease and desist letters.

    Will go vote now.

  4. Vladimir Says:

    Weren’t there more cool logos submitted then the ones that are on the page? What happened with the rest?

  5. Chris Saad Says:

    Vladimir these logos were shortlisted from the total submissions of about 400 logos. The panel of judges is linked on the page.

  6. jake bulipe Says:

    That shortlist is mostly terrible. There are several logos that are far better in the original pool.

  7. Joey Tyson Says:

    Chris, I’m honestly a bit surprised by how many of the final entires are variations of the symmetry of d/p, and how many are abstract designs that do little to indicate “portability” or “convey the concept of moving/owning/syncing data”. I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m surprised by their final choices. (And no, this isn’t sour grapes for mine not making it, though I was disappointed. 🙂

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