Techcrunch donates $6,625 to DataPortability

April 16, 2008

As you may have heard on Techcrunch today, Michael Arrington, Heather Harde and the TechCrunch team are donating USD$6,625 to the DataPortability project.

I’d like to add a public thanks to them for this kind gesture in help us to host and encourage the data portability discussion and the eventual DataPortability set of Best Practices.

Since the announcement we have some additional offers of sponsorship for the project and I will be getting back to you all as soon as I can.

We will be setting up a legal entity and a council to decide how the money is used. As usual we will be keeping everything as transparent as possible and making sure the community has maximum input.

One Response to “Techcrunch donates $6,625 to DataPortability”

  1. […] then I found the answer. In a post on his blog today, Chris Saad thanked TechCrunch and the TechCrunch team for their donation and […]

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