Internet Wish: Twitter Bot

November 30, 2008

I would love it if someone would write a TwitterBot service. It would:

  • Allow you to give it the Username and Password of a given Twitter Account (let’s say JSKitSupport)
  • Auto-follow people when they followed it
  • Auto-unfollow people when they unfollow it
  • Allow you to register one or more ‘Bot Owners’ (Both Twitter account and Email Address)
  • Forward any @replies or references to given keywords to Bot Owners
  • Allow bot owners to direct message it and have it relay those messages to its followers (perhaps optionally auto-append the Owner’s twitter name to the end of the message)
  • Allows Bot Owners to direct message it commands
  • One of those commands could be ‘d tag last’ which ques up the last @reply in some sort of ‘follow up’ queue for the bot owners.

Can you think of any other features? Add them in comments and if I like them I will append them here!

13 Responses to “Internet Wish: Twitter Bot”

  1. I’ve heard of a service called SocialToo, but I’ve never tried it. Basically, it can auto-follow new followers, and auto-unfollow those who unfollow you. I think it also does a few other nifty things.

    It would be super cool to have a bot with all of the other features as well, though!

  2. Chris Saad Says:

    Oh very cool!

    This is a good starting place – are they responsive and developing the service out?

  3. Keith Says:

    How abour being able to schedule tweets.. so sometimes I have a bunch of interesting thoughts, which I’d like to automatically release during the day, so I’m not ‘spamming’ people.

  4. I’m not too sure whether SocialToo is under active/ongoing development or not… I just heard of it when I followed someone who uses it, sorry!

  5. can schedule tweets (as per the name !!) but it can also keep track of followers for you, and auto follow them back.

    I’m a little busy right now, but contact me on twitter ( ) and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

    My last twitter bot was

  6. bomega Says:

    You can schedule tweets with but not many people use that feature…

  7. Den Says:

    check out this Twitter 411 service:
    it your own information system (e.g. bot) on the top of Twitter

  8. i’ve been using twuffer to schedule tweets…it seems to have a lot of great features.

  9. Call me a contrarian (and I fully understand the intent of all these bot tasks) but allow me to offer a different point of view that, to me renders their use troublesome. Twitter has come to be one of my most value added tools/platforms. I give it credit partially because of some of th tips I learned early on and I maintain those early disciplines. 1. Everything I do on Twitter is manual. I kinda loathe any bot generated actions. I don’t need you to tell me how glad you are I followed you. It lacks sincerity. I’d rather hear nothing. I don’t necessarily mind an auto-follow but the message comes across as fake and I don’t need it. In fact, it often has a reverse effect. It makes me want to unfollow sometimes. 2. I don’t need to hear you tell me you’ll Tweet me later. Just Tweet me later. I get it. I know you might no be around when I @ you or follow you. The bot doesn’t need to tell me too.

    By manually analyzing each Twitterer I follow and those that follwo me, I have been able to build a massively custom and useful stream of value added Twitterers. Anything bot related generally gets an unfollow (if it detracts from the experience)

  10. Chris Saad Says:

    If you notice, though, my bot does none of those automated actions.

    It’s main job is to facilitate 1 twitter account managed by multiple individuals.

    Most, if not all responses from the blog to followers are as a result of direct action on behalf of a human.

  11. dagobart Says:

    I just released some tool written in Ruby that allows to easily build Twitter and bots atop of it.

    Here’s my summary: Via click-through you eventually will get to its sourceforge page where it’s hosted.

    I hope it’s simple enough so you can adapt it to your needs.


  12. Carl Gotcher Says: is hands down the best Twitter follow site around!

  13. like bot Says:

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