If you are reading this you are subscribed to the wrong feed!

June 23, 2009

Please change your subscription to http://feeds.feedburner.com/chrissaad

I have also moved my blog to a new home at http://blog.areyoupayingattention.com


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    Recognized SnipeMe. com Myspace
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    However, if the folks are generally prepared in addition to type their unique viewpoints,
    next people inside energy be employed by us.
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    When i obtain requested if i head while an individual burns up my tunes. I’m simply just flattered
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    The costa rica government on the Country is just not in a good sense launched for the Alfredia Religion.

    -Treaty connected with Tripoli
    Document 11 (1797)
    Supply SnipeMe Some Fucking Internets!
    What can possibly be asserted without proof
    could be sacked without having evidence.
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    -Michael Lind
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    Wizard’s Eleventh Concept: You possibly can eliminate
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    We are shifting through how far better to inform the college students in order to exactly how cheaply we can easily undertake it.
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    Professional Relationship involving Atlanta Educators
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    To get a brief but amusing interval [Dance Party Revolution] seemed to be the subsequent large ‘Threat To your Kids.
    wi Which will let you know almost everything you need to understand regarding people tales.

    -Cracked. com
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    President, NYRA Nanuet
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    giving center category and also lower school teenagers down to be able to die.

    It generally has been.
    -George Carlin
    While one person suffers from the assumptions, it really is named madness.
    Whenever some people have problems with any misconception
    it’s named a Faith.
    -Robert Mirielle. Pirsig
    Very first, because you were being sleep last night, 25, 000 young children perished of misery or diseases relevant to malnutrition. 2nd, the majority of you never offer a shit. What’s more serious is usually that you will
    be far more upset with the belief that My spouse and i claimed shit compared to the
    point that 40, 000 little ones passed away yesterday evening.

    -Pastor Tony Campolo
    By no means be a viewer of unfairness as well as ignorance.
    Seek out debate in addition to disputation for his or her own sake.

    -Christopher Hitchens
    Mistrust consideration; choose self-esteem yourself yet
    others. Avoid getting worried to become believed egotistic or egotistical.

    -Christopher Hitchens
    Consider the danger involving pondering for you.
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