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7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Julian Bond Says:

    Chris, Where’s your APML Skype chat?

  2. Alex Wharton Says:


    i am a writer for revenue magazine and am putting together the “Impressions” section.

    Hoping that you have time to answer approx 4 or 5 questions (about 70 words each) for our “Hot Seat” feature by eod Wed.

    Please let me know if that works for you and i will send you the questions tomorrow.


  3. bibomedia Says:


  4. Thanks for your fast responce to my complaint Chris.

  5. We have new puppy pics on Tanner´s (Gryffyn´s Love over Gold) homepage.

    Enjoy looking at them. Some of the puppies are still available.

    Both parents are MDR1-clear.

  6. Loy97 Says:

    MikePlimer is ripping the piss out of Monbiot. ,

  7. Pol15 Says:

    But nonetheless, we will never stop. ,

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