The Audacity of Hope

February 23, 2008

In the past few months I have been reminded by many that hoping for a thing does not make it true. Watching the US Presidential Election I have heard the same theme emerge as Hilliary Clinton attempts to question Barack Obama’s ability to convert lofty and eloquent speeches into real change. I even posted a Seesmic video about it recently.

The question I have, though, is if hope does not make something happen, then what does?

Doesn’t all action involve hope? Is not hope a key ingredient for change?

Before one can achieve a thing, they must first imagine it. Before they act on their imagining they must first dare to hope that they could actually have some impact on the outcome.

Even decisions made based on fear involve a hope to avoid that which we fear.

Hope is a powerful driving force. It enables us to act. Without hope, we are often paralyzed.

Most people I talk to who ‘wish’ they could do something better, or more ambitious, have a common refrain. They dare not hope that their more lofty goals are attainable. They therefore do not act.

Imagine if you could gather a large enough group of people to hope for the same outcome. If you had the right mix of participants and the right critical mass, is there anything that hope, followed by action, can not achieve?

Criticizing hope is actually a thinly veiled claim of naivety or unjustified idealism. If one’s hopes are too big, too ambitious or too lofty, then surely they must be too naive to understand the complexity of the issue and the magnitude of the challenge ahead.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe those who start with hope and push for change have not yet been sufficiently jaded by a broken system or violent resistance to their ideas.

Maybe, though, if those idealistic and naive people (if in fact they are those things) can somehow encourage others to hope, and then still others; maybe, just maybe, hope will turn into action, and action will turn into real change.

To paraphrase the West Wing… “Do you think a small group of dedicated people can change the world” “Of course, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

Hope is not empty. It can never be false. Hope, well expressed and shared, is the beginning of something new.

Dare to hope. Then act.

10 Responses to “The Audacity of Hope”

  1. Carol Says:

    Barack Obama talks about CHANGE and HOPE.Well so do I. What exactly does he intend to change and how will he make it happen? Please be specific.

  2. Ben Says:

    In the last 8 years we suffered from a suppressive, fear mongering & quasi-dictator. Barack Obama is only messenger for CHANGE, HOPE and optimism. He embodies a refreshing face to a bitter world.

    Maybe he doesn’t have years of gridlock Washington experience. But lets look at what we do know about him; how he’s ran his campaign.

    A) Financial Management
    >>About $140 Million Dollars from a HUGE base of support (involving more people in the political process not simply those with large wallets.)

    B) Organizational Abilities
    >>11 out of 13 Caucuses were won by LARGE margins primarily accredited to his (and his staff’s) ability to organize.

    C) Speaking Ability
    >> Listen and watch the man; he restores the face of optimism that most of us can’t even recall feeling.

    D) Transparency
    >>He disclosed his tax info, when Hillary refused. Also, his creative uses of information technologies speak loudly to a vision of transparency. The internet helps us all put ourselves in the limelight for open praise and criticism.

  3. I live in Illinois. I’m not impressed with Barack Obama. He does not inspire me.I’m 57 years old. I lived through the Dr. King and Kennedy years. Obama keeps envolking their names like he is casting a magic spell.
    Long before W was elected President I was telling people he would start a war with Iraq.I was right about the war and right about the fact W started the Iraq war.
    How was I able to predict the future. The answer is not MAGIC.
    I pay attention to the world I live in. I’m paying attention to what is happening right now also.Listen very carefully, if you need a politician to inspire you to have hope in a better future, you’re not the caliber of person that will be able to nurture those seeds long enough for them to grow.
    I pity all you empty vessels that need Barack Obama to pour his FALSE words of hope into you.
    I capitalized the word FALSE because, I’m predicting you voters are not really listening to what he is saying.
    Best of luck in your flawed thinking. I don’t have much hope in the masses comming to their senses anytime soon. After all weren’t most of you tricked by W into believing prosperity and hope return to America only if we CHANGED the leadership in Iraq.
    Now you people ask me to blindly believe in your ability to think the right thoughts now.
    If you don’t mind I prefer to continue being the free thinker I was way back before Dr. King and John F. Kennedy uttered the words Barack Obama is using to cast his spell over you people.
    In closing I’d like to ask you question What is the one thing poor people don’t have enough of? It is not HOPE or THE NEED FOR A CHANGE IN WASHINGTON POLICITS.
    If any of the people reading this quessed: GREED I commend you.You’re not afraid to do the critical thinking it take to truely solve problems.
    Footnote: all capitalized phrases are prediction of the future.

  4. chrissaad Says:

    My post was not really a political one – more about how hope plays a part in real change in general. The political campaign as well as my own experiences were just the inspiration for the question.

  5. Ben Says:


    Just curious, what does inspire you? Or are you generally a pessimistic idealist?

  6. Ben Says:

    @ Chris:
    I apologize for the tangent. Long live DataPortability, the real subject of this post.

  7. Ben I apologize to you. I use broad sweeping generalities quite often. There wasn’t any one thing on your blog that grabbed me to the point where I said to myself, I have to respond to that. My main goal here is to add rich content to Chris Saad’s blog.
    The common thing I see with most Barack Obama supporters is; they don’t look past the tone of his voice. He is not a great man. He is an actor playing the part of a great man.
    President Kennedy was not a great man Martin Luther King was not a great man. They were products of Great Times. They didn’t create the events on the world stage; they acted out their roles on.
    In the year of February 25, 2008 these are not great times. Even if every registered voter voted for Barack Obama he would not become a great man from great times. All the other ingredients are missing.
    I have taken several professional recording studio classes. I know how to add just the right amount of reverb to a person’s voice to arouse the emotions of an audience. So I’m not surprised to hear sound bites of Barack’s speeches being played over and over again. The chord of HOPE he strikes in all of you is only an acoustic vibration know as resonance. The universe vibrates at 32 octaves above middle C. What I see happening at the Obama rallies is most of the audience changes the frequency their Emotional Body normally vibrates at when he says the word HOPE. I observed the same thing when W said. “I’m a UNITER NOT A DEVIDER”.
    Ask yourself; do you get filled up with pride for America or filled with HOPE when you listen to Barack debate the other candidates?

    In response to the question what inspires me? The INTERNET; It allows us to share our opinions. One of the banners The United States of America waves reads; America is the Melting Pot of the World. If you truly grasp the meaning of that phrase; you will surely agree the internet is the new melting pot of the world.
    In your question you also asked if I’m a pessimistic idealist. I’m not afraid to be pessimistic when I think it is called for. Ben first and foremost I’m a free thinker. Unlike most of the registered voters I have read most of the content on Barack Obama three main websites.
    My comments are not meant to dash anyone’s hopes. Like I said before; there is no substance to most of what Barack Obama says. John Huckabee is a minister by profession. Barack and his supporters are asking for more blind faith than John Huckabee is. If you people don’t see a red flag waving I’m sorry for you and your hopes and dreams for a better life, country, and world.

  8. Aziz Al-Naib Says:

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  10. This is a must read for anyone interested in knowing Obama. It is like a window to the man’s soul. I read the book almost a year after he was elected President and it struck me how much of the same arguments he presented in the book he later used during the campaign and during his first year as president.

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