Who is JS-Kit?

October 14, 2008

The news today is that JS-Kit just closed a $3.6m round of funding and I have joined the company as a Strategic Advisor.

I’d like to take this moment to explain who JS-Kit is, what it could be, and why I decided to get involved.

First, I get offered a lot of advisory roles or full time jobs. It’s always very tempting to help entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams.

The reality is, however, between my company Faraday Media, my work at the DataPortability project, APML Workgroup, Media 2.0 Workgroup and other projects there simply isn’t enough bandwidth left to give the attention required.

The JS-Kit opportunity is different. When I first met Khris Loux (The CEO of JS-Kit) it was clear very quickly that we had a unique connection and a shared vision for a distributed Personal Web. As a result I have broken my own rule and accepted the offer to consult with/advise the company on a formal basis. It will be a significant commitment and take up a large part of my time.

The company he has quietly built over the last 2 years reflects our shared vision and its success is unmatched in the marketplace. With more than 550,000 registered sites, JS-Kit is the largest provider of light-weight plug in social features on the web. More importantly, though, it has no destination site. A philosophical choice that allows it to execute on a strategy of powering the edge to get more social – and more personal – without siphoning traffic back to a proprietary center.

JS-Kit technology powers some of the biggest sites on the web – with more to be announced soon.

This combination of scale and a focus on the edge makes the company uniquely placed to build something very special.

There are a number of challenges ahead for the company though – challenges of which Khris and the team are all too aware.

The name is not great! It was the name of a prototype product that became very successful very quickly despite not being ready for prime time so it sorta stuck. Blame Nick Gonzalez for writing it up in Techcrunch only days after it was put live for preliminary testing (just kidding I love Nick in a manly platonic sort of way)

Adoption is easy, but customization (it’s possible to make the widgets unrecognizable from the default style) is far too hard to do for average users.

The design is Web 1.0 at best. The site, brand and products lack a cohesive visual language and a modern look and feel.

These are just some of the things I will be helping to change over the coming months. The funding round also allows the team to execute on these opportunities quickly. These changes will be a precursor to a much broader strategy that we hope will delight users, empower publishers and surprise the industry.

In the mean time though, Faraday Media is still very much alive and kicking with both my involvement and the involvement of my best friend and co-founder Ashley Angell. I believe the core technologies developed in its labs will change the web. Faraday Media and JS-Kit will continue their business development activities and my role will help to shepherd the process.

So too is the DataPortability project under the stewardship of the stellar new steering group lead by none other than Daniela Barbosa.

So in this time of Economic woes, failing companies, staff layoffs and uncertain times I am proud and honored to be part of a team that is continuing to have a sustainable and positive impact on the web and actually growing the opportunity for a distributed personal ecosystem.

So now I’m involved, I’d like to encourage you to try out the tools on your sites and blogs and send me feedback directly. I’d like to start a conversation with you to improve the company and the web together.

Also follow Me, Khris and Nancy on Twitter!


Coverage has already started

13 Responses to “Who is JS-Kit?”

  1. Congrats, Chris!

    JS-Kit looks like a promising company.

    BTW, the first link in the post is broken.

    Congrats again,

    Frank Mashraqi

  2. Cassandra Says:

    Congratulations Chris! πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve been remiss in following up since BWE. Consider this a followup AND a congrats though πŸ˜‰

  4. Ho Nam Says:

    Chris, look forward to working with you to help realize JS-Kit’s full potential.


  5. Chris Saad Says:

    Thanks for the congrats everyone πŸ™‚

    Ho – look forward to working with you too!

  6. […] at Saad’s blog, the decision is explained: First, I get offered a lot of advisory roles or full time jobs. It’s always very tempting to […]

  7. Chris Lunt Says:

    Well done. I love the JS-Kit story.

  8. Like NYC parties sometimes need a little more Chris/Kris, so does the web. Rock on guys!

  9. Congrats mate. Looks like we are going to have an interesting couple of years, I’m looking forward to the DP platform. πŸ™‚

  10. Des Walsh Says:

    Congratulations! It was great to see you at Blogworld08. When I saw the announcement of this new role I wondered how you were going to fit it all in, so it was good to read your explanation here. I suspect there may nevertheless be the odd bout of sleep deprivation!

  11. Phil Butler Says:


    I can think of no more appropriate association than that between you and Khris Loux. Great combinations are so difficult to come by, and I am glad that two of my friends are striving for one goal.

    You guys will go a long way, I have no doubt.


    Phil B.

  12. […] I also have to note that they don`t only announced this founding round. but announcing that Chris Saad will join them as Strategic Advisor indicated how they will be spending that money since Chris talks about what needs to change on JS-KIT to make it better in his own post about JS-KIT […]

  13. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that chat who told me to go to your site πŸ™‚

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